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Projects & Ideas to Help Our World.

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Last chance to save a man's life [21 Sep 2011|03:20pm]

Troy Davis was convicted of murdering a Georgia police officer in 1991. Nearly two decades later, Davis remains on death row — even though the case against him has fallen apart.

The case against him consisted entirely of witness testimony which contained inconsistencies even at the time of the trial. Since then, all but two of the state's non-police witnesses from the trial have recanted or contradicted their testimony.

Many of these witnesses have stated in sworn affidavits that they were pressured or coerced by police into testifying or signing statements against Troy Davis.

One of the two witnesses who has not recanted his testimony is Sylvester "Red" Coles — the principle alternative suspect, according to the defense, against whom there is new evidence implicating him as the gunman. Nine individuals have signed affidavits implicating Sylvester Coles.

Georgia's State Board of Pardons and Paroles has recently rejected Troy Davis' clemency petition. Troy continues to face execution on Wednesday Sept. 21 at 7 pm EDT (midnight Weds night UK time). Please take action before this time.

We cannot let an innocent man die.

Please take these two simple actions - asking the Parole Board to reconsider (they can change their mind at any time), and asking that Chatham County (Savannah) District  Attorney Larry Chisolm step in and withdraw the death warrant.

Take action here
and here

We can't let them kill an innocent man. This really is Troy's last chance.

Thank you for your support.

Please forward the email below to the Parole Board at

Feel free to personalise the text or change the title of the email. We must keep the pressure on the Board, and let them know that the world is watching. Executing Troy would be an outrageous travesty against justice.

Please grant Troy Davis clemency
State Board
Pardons and Paroles webmaster
2 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive
SE Suite 458
East Tower
30334-4909 Atlanta
Dear Clemency Board members,
I call on the Georgia State Board of Pardons and Paroles to take all steps necessary to ensure that Troy Anthony Davis is not executed.
You have voted to deny him clemency despite the fact that significant doubts continue to plague his conviction. You must reconsider and reverse this decision immediately.
Seven of the nine witnesses have changed their story and no physical evidence links Davis to the crime. No one should be executed, especially when there are so many doubts about guilt.
This case has generated widespread attention because so many people in Georgia and throughout the world are disturbed by the thought of a man being executed when so
much doubt about his guilt remains unresolved.
Nothing can undermine public faith in a criminal justice system faster than an execution when there are still serious doubts about guilt.
Georgia cannot afford to make such a mistake, and I urge you to do everything in your power to prevent this injustice from taking place.
Yours sincerely,
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Please register as a stem cell donor and perhaps save a life! [18 Jul 2011|03:53pm]

Please register as a stem cell/bone marrow donor and ask others to do the same!
On the Hungarian blog Segíts Szilvinek! (Help Szilvi!), Ramóna is recruiting stem cell donors for Szilvia Simon and asking us to spread the word. On June 24th, she wrote that “There is nobody, nobody in all the world whose blood would at least approximately match hers, and has registered as a donor” and that they were now trying to find cord blood for Szilvi. Ramóna also wrote that many adults and children are waiting for donors.

crossposted to _take__action_, a_better_world, advocates, changeyourworld, good_ideas and makeadifference
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Community for a friend in need [09 Jun 2011|01:24pm]

 Hello everyone!

My name is Kermit (on here, anyway) and I have just started a community called support_mervin . I am friends with a girl on here who goes by the username das_mervin . We've been friends for several years, and she has founded a community called twispitefic (exclusively for spitefics related to the Twilight Saga), das_sporking (for sporkings of badfic and Mary Sue-fics) and she even has two YouTube audio series--"Mervin Reads" and "Hate It For The Right Reason." 

Mervin is a smart cookie, has a wicked sense of humor, works very hard, and unfortunately has an as-yet-undiagnosed heart condition. It's been getting progressively worse for her, and she doesn't have insurance to pay for a cardiogram. When she told me this, I decided to Do Something. And so I created support_mervin , where our first goal is to help her raise money for her cardiogram in July. 

If you want more information about who Mervin is/what she does, visit das_sporking , twispitefic , or look her up on YouTube. Better yet, come to the community and donate a little money towards her cardiogram! Whatever you can give will be greatly appreciated, and every cent raised goes to her. This is not for anyone else's personal gain.

So check out support_mervin  today!
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[09 Mar 2011|03:43pm]


Fundraising and marketing ideas for non-profit group

This is what we do so far for the theatre group sdp_theatre   - and maybe the ideas may be of use to someone else as well. Please feel free to make more suggestions!

(Most members of the theatre group either work, study, or volunteer, or any mix of the above) which means we are hurtling around with life flat-out, so its got to be ideas that fit in with that kind of life. We are aged from teens through to 60s, but there are none who "sit around at home all day" even the people who are techincally unemployed! We are a non-profit organisation (help people with thier skills building and education about history, (all our shows are about historical events/ local history) rather than a charity...)

- Jumble sales (we usually have a big annual one in the summer)
- Ebid store! (advertised through theatre group and will be added to theatre programmes etc)
- selling advertising space in our theatre programmes (here on ebid)
- quiz night (been suggested by one member, will try it out)
- Collection buckets when we are doing free shows at festivals and whatnot
- Ticket sales (usually break-even)

Marketing/ advertising
(Makes people aware of group, increases audience numbers... and hence hopefully income)

- Posters in town whenever there is a show or audition coming up
- flyers being handed out in town by cast-in-costume for same
- Getting news releases into local newspaper/ radio (and sending press releases to magazines and TV and anything else because you never know)
- dedicated website/ facebook/ twitter/ myspace/ livejournal for people to keep up to date.
- Bi-monthly newsletter (sent out on email and also provided to community hubs like local library etc)
- Using whats-ons websites to list events
- Street theatre advertising bigger shows (with flyer handouts)
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[08 Dec 2010|02:52pm]

An easy way to help charities this festive season

Save your used postage stamps from all over the world, and send them to a charity which can use them for fundraising by sorting and selling onto collectors.

Long UK list here - http://usedstampsforcharity.weebly.com/ 

And if you know of another charity, anywhere in the world, and have the details of where to send used stamps, why not add to the list in a comment below? 
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If you're going to be a billboard... [13 Aug 2010|10:59am]

 you might as well advertise something worthwhile.

I've gotten sick of seeing my friends wear t-shirts from big name stores every single day, using their chest as billboards for the companies.

So I'm doing something over at my blog, comparing big brand t-shirts and cause t-shirts.

I'll talk about the charities, the proceeds, the surprisingly fashionable shirts, and some of the extra perks you get when you buy shirts from charities!

Two are already posted, there are at least 5 more coming in the next week!

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Free Compliments Poster [27 Jul 2010|05:05am]

Freebie Alert : Printable Free Compliments Poster!


We have a slew of free printables & tutorials on our site, KindOverMatter.com, including the Free Compliments Poster above, enjoy!
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Choose Lemonade: The Experiment [04 Jun 2010|08:54pm]

To get the full deal on my experiment, check out my blog.  You can read the full post there.


The Experiment:
When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade right?

I want us all to try an experiment. Let’s each of us, try thinking only positive thoughts for one week. If someone cuts you off in traffic, you have to look for the silver lining, send the guy love and all that. Who knows, maybe by cutting you off in traffic, you end up slowing down and avoiding a massive collision. If you gain two pounds this week, you have to think of how wonderful each and every bite of food was this week, and savour the feeling of abundance. If you feel resentful or annoyed by another person, you have to focus on the good they’ve brought you in life.

Think of the chain reaction you could start. By smiling at a stranger today, maybe you make them feel better. Maybe they donate to a charity because they are feeling a little brighter. Maybe through that charity a homeless person gets back on their feet. Maybe we can even stop war! Maybe at the end of the week, there will be world Peace and the Economy will be re-boosted! Ok, ok, I admit, it’s easy for me to get carried away. So maybe we won’t stop war or change the whole planet, but maybe one of our lives will be irrevocably changed for the better. Maybe it will just change someone's perception; every life does have some good, and when you start too look around you and take notice of it, you can't help but feel good. Sure there is crap out there, but if we focus on only the bad, it's not too far fetched to think that's how we'll end up feeling too. Maybe our little experiment is a cleanse for the soul. And cleanses are trendy these days, so you'll be feeling positive and trendy! Seriously, feel free, to pass this challenge on to people, and send them here to read about it. You never know who out there needs a challenge or a goal or a pick me up like this. The worst that could happen is that we do a little good around here.

All I’m asking, is for one week, choose lemonade.
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We can help! [17 May 2010|08:23pm]

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Maëlle's Scrapbook [10 May 2010|06:55pm]

Maëlle is my french teacher's 7-year-old girl, and she is a huge inspiration for me.  If you have already seen svtstarlight 's entry regarding this, you'll already know, but in case you haven't, here is the basic idea.

Maëlle has been diagnosed with autism and a neuro-muscular disorder, and during this school semester alone has been on the edge of death too many times to count.  If my french teacher cancels a class, as her students we are NOT happy for the break...we are worried about what has happened to Maëlle.

It's one thing to hear about stories like this on tv, and be distanced from it and it's effects...and it's a whole other to be sitting there in class with your teacher breaking down into tears as she tells us her adorable little girl was hospitalized yet again, and in the middle of getting all her blood filtered and changed, and various other procedures there is no guarantee she'll even wake up from.

It's a lot for a 7-year-old girl.  It's a lot for anyone.  But Maëlle has a strength that touched our entire class, and everyone who hears of it.  She smiles, she plays like the child she is, and is such a well of optimism and positivity you can't help but feel it as well.

It makes me feel selfish for taking what I have for granted.  It makes me cry to think of what she and her family goes through on a daily basis, just like so many other children and their families all around the world.

And it makes me want to do something to brighten this precious girl's day even by a little.

Learn more about the projectCollapse )
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[05 May 2010|05:32pm]

5 years ago, some friends and I started an amdram group specialising in our local areas history.

5 years later we are still going strong and growing, and are looking at holding a fundraising day in the autumn in our local town market hall, especially since we subsidise quite a few young people and unemployed people's membership and participation for skills building. So pennies kinda flow through our fingers a bit!

Basically, I am looking for any ideas on things to include on the fundraiser day, so that a full final plan can be drawn up at our next committee meeting.

My thoughts so far are

- tabletop/ jumble sale (I can supply about a million cacti for a start, hehe, just potted them up for this reason actually) of plants and crafts and odds and ends donated by our members.

- Short performances of play extracts, short sketches, local folk songs through the day.

- Teas and coffees and cakes...

- Sales of a short "acting for beginners" handbook that I wrote for our members (but could be useful to others) and a home-recorded CD of local sea shanties we recorded a couple of years ago

- Drama or acting workshops of some kind, participation by donation.

Does anyone have any further ideas of what we might be able to cram into a market hall for a day, that can be set up and run by our members -  (relevant to our ethos of promoting local history, local people, and local theatre, as well as skills-building for those less fortunate) Thanks so much!
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The Dream. [20 Jan 2010|06:38pm]

My Dream is to change the world for the better. I currently think that our society is very selfish, materialistic and disconnected. This world is lacking so much love, unity, art, creation and faith. I feel as though people have forgotten the meaning of unconditional love, true happiness, true beauty, nature & so much more. Im here to remind the world. All it takes is one. This year, Im dedicating an entire year to the world. Im dedicating 365 of my life with acts of goodness for humanity. Everyday I will blog about my expierence of that day in the hopes of inspiring the world to do better & be on the pursuit of changing peoples lives!I know all it takes is passion, drive, a warm heart, one HUGE Dream, & I will never STOP!
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Great Cause on Facebook! [08 Dec 2009|03:27pm]

Building Resilient Youth - A Multi-Disciplinary Approach is a cause that is trying to implement preventive and rehabilitative measures have been proven time and again to significantly lower the likelihood of adolescent crime. The most effective way to prevent juvenile delinquency has indisputably been to assist young people and their families early on. The most effective programs share the following key components.

Please join to support this cause! Click here.
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Our magazine would love some help with our holiday gift drive [07 Dec 2009|04:56pm]

Everyone - Synchronized Chaos Magazine (which is online at http://www.synchchaos.com) is sponsoring a holiday drive for the Ford family, whom I've personally known for years. They have periodically submitted work and contributed to our magazine - some of Kristie's writing is already live for our upcoming December issue. The children are talented vocalists and graphic artists, and the mother has serious writing ability and I continually encourage her to go professional, as much as she can from home.

The two teenage children live with their elderly grandmother, as Kristie (the widowed mother) lost custody of them as she could not properly care for them due to her illnesses (melanoma skin cancer, narcolepsy, ADD, and the legally disabling mental illness of Delusional Disorder.) Kristie receives $860 a month disability income, $400 of which goes to her rent, and she sends as much as possible of the rest to her mother and her children. She's survived several mentally and physically abusive relationships and is also dealing with court costs and legal issues as a result of these.

There aren't too many resources in her area to help low income families...what does exist in San Rafael is targeted towards another very poor area of town, not where they live.

Kristie has a teenage boy (16 years old) and a teenage daughter (15 years old) and three nephews and nieces: a five year old boy, a six year old girl, and a six month old baby girl.

Food and gas money is a struggle, and she's gone hungry several times in the past few months. They cannot afford anything special for the holidays. So, our magazine staff is putting together a Christmas gift package for the family, and I'm inviting all my professional colleagues to contribute. This is our holiday tradition...every winter we pick our neediest contributing writers/artists and host a donation drive for them with their consent.

She gave out her address for me to privately distribute...but I can also pick up and deliver any gifts or donations, so if you'd like to help, please respond and let me know and let me know where you are.

Read more...Collapse )
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Hello from Russia [13 Oct 2009|10:15pm]

Hello from Russia
Please help me to gain ipod at a contest. They want people from other country to join a social community like FaceBook. If it's not difficult for you - please help!

English is supported
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Pay It Forward! [02 Sep 2009|11:52am]

We have an awesome new project in the Community Service Department, reminiscent of "Pay It Forward," that tracks random acts of kindness as they spread across the country. You get a card, you go to the blogspot, you comment on your card number along with the city/state in which it was passed.

Move the World Blogspot.

I am handing out cards like nobody's business but so far I am the only person (I think) to comment on our blog! If you would like a card (or two, or three, or six), please comment here OR email me (fyrefly_@hotmail.com, put "MOVE THE WORLD" in the subject line) with the following information:

-your name and mailing address
-how many cards you want(no more than six)

I will pay for stamps and mailing.

Helping us get started would be a random act of kindness in its own right, and I for one would really appreciate it!
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[22 Jul 2009|09:15pm]


Well my friends, its that time of year again. Blogathon time! What is blogathon you ask? Its a twenty-four hour fundraiser where I stay up all day and night, blogging every half hour as proof and my friends and family sponsor me by donating to my favorite charity. For more information about the actual event check out www.blogathon.org .

This year, as in past years, I have chosen to blog on the behalf of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. Best Friends is a private no-kill shelter located in rural Utah. They specialize in second chances for animals with severe health and behavioral problems. They rehabilitate animals that other people and shelters had deemed irreparable or those animals that simply ran out of time at other rescues. In recent years they have received much media attention due to their involvement in the rehabilitation of the Michael Vick pitbulls as well as their television show on the National Geographic channel. For further information about Best Friend Animal Sanctuary, including their mission statement, please visit www.bestfriends.org .

To sponsor me follow this link -> http://www.blogathon.org/pledge.php?blogid=57 . It will take you to a sign up page , where you sign up to be a sponsor (takes less that 30 seconds) and then it will redirect you to my page where you can then make a pledge.

For anyone considering sponsoring me, here is an incentive. Anyone who pledges more $10 plus will be entered to win 1 of 3 amazon gift certificates!!

Check out
http://www.blogathon.org/pledge.php?blogid=57  to Sponsor me!

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Two freebie crafts from Kind Over Matter [21 Jul 2009|03:10pm]


Kind Over Matter Freebie Printable Affirmation Gift Set

Printable Affirmation Gift Set
- 36 affirmations, tutorial + printable PDFs


Kind Over Matter Dandelion Cards

Dandelion Wish Cards
- PDF printable

Lots More HERE!

Peace to you
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Music for Relief [12 Jul 2009|11:58pm]

MUSIC FOR RELIEF is a grassroots effort comprised of musicians, music industry professionals and fans who believe that together we can create positive change. Established in 2005 to provide aid for those affected by the tsunami tragedy in South Asia, the idea for MUSIC FOR RELIEF originated amongst the members of the band Linkin Park who wanted to do something to help the victims. The idea was that if they made a donation, and then asked their musician peers and their fans to make a donation as well, a huge impact could be made in assisting relief efforts. With this in mind they started reaching out to others in the music community to get involved and became the founders of MUSIC FOR RELIEF. Our Mission is to respond to natural disasters and help victims recover and rebuild with an emphasis on housing, education programs and resources. MUSIC FOR RELIEF also recognizes the environmental consequences of global warming, which has demonstrated the capability to accelerate and strengthen certain types of natural disasters. Therefore the second goal of MUSIC FOR RELIEF is to prevent and decrease future natural disasters by reducing greenhouse gasses, seeking renewable forms of energy and educating the public about climate change.

The great news is, now you can do something to get involved. Music For Relief has a swagbucks now. You use it as your search engine, and part of the proceeds you earn just by searching the web go to victims of tragedies being helped by Music For Relief.
Just click the following banner to sign up. It's absolutely free, and you'll be earning bucks to cash in for awesome prizes from your favorite bands - and helping those in need at the same time.

Search & Win

Every search is a chance to win exclusive prizes from your favorite musicians and celebrities. A portion of proceeds from SearchMFR.com will benefit Music for Relief and their mission to provide aid to victims of natural disasters.

After you've signed up(by clicking the banner above), just click or paste the following link in your web browser and begin using it as your homepage/search engine.

And if you're not interested in MFR, but you're intriguided by the idea of swagbucks, you can
Click the banner below to sign up for the main Swag Bucks, after which you will be able to join many other bands Swagbucks to earn cash to trade in for merchandise in the store (they even have an Incubus one, which you can access through the main page or the blog.

Search & Win
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iLoveSchools.com [11 Jul 2009|01:13pm]

"iLoveSchools.com is a free donor-matching service for education! School teachers build WishLists of equipment, materials and supplies; anything they need for their classroom. Donors locate teachers through our WishList search and offer their donations of new or used items or the cost of the teacher's WishList. " (Taken from the website)

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