ishkode_fyre (ishkode_fyre) wrote in good_ideas,

Pay It Forward!

We have an awesome new project in the Community Service Department, reminiscent of "Pay It Forward," that tracks random acts of kindness as they spread across the country. You get a card, you go to the blogspot, you comment on your card number along with the city/state in which it was passed.

Move the World Blogspot.

I am handing out cards like nobody's business but so far I am the only person (I think) to comment on our blog! If you would like a card (or two, or three, or six), please comment here OR email me (, put "MOVE THE WORLD" in the subject line) with the following information:

-your name and mailing address
-how many cards you want(no more than six)

I will pay for stamps and mailing.

Helping us get started would be a random act of kindness in its own right, and I for one would really appreciate it!
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