kermit_thefrog (kermit_thefrog) wrote in good_ideas,

Community for a friend in need

 Hello everyone!

My name is Kermit (on here, anyway) and I have just started a community called support_mervin . I am friends with a girl on here who goes by the username das_mervin . We've been friends for several years, and she has founded a community called twispitefic (exclusively for spitefics related to the Twilight Saga), das_sporking (for sporkings of badfic and Mary Sue-fics) and she even has two YouTube audio series--"Mervin Reads" and "Hate It For The Right Reason." 

Mervin is a smart cookie, has a wicked sense of humor, works very hard, and unfortunately has an as-yet-undiagnosed heart condition. It's been getting progressively worse for her, and she doesn't have insurance to pay for a cardiogram. When she told me this, I decided to Do Something. And so I created support_mervin , where our first goal is to help her raise money for her cardiogram in July. 

If you want more information about who Mervin is/what she does, visit das_sporking , twispitefic , or look her up on YouTube. Better yet, come to the community and donate a little money towards her cardiogram! Whatever you can give will be greatly appreciated, and every cent raised goes to her. This is not for anyone else's personal gain.

So check out support_mervin  today!
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